Hi Jennifer,

I decided to finally write you and your team and let you know how much I, along with all of us here in the Alderwood Ridge Community appreciate your being there for us. After going through three horrid experiences with previous companies we finally found your company which saw an end of nickel and dime expenses, no response for days to even simple asks (if ever) or other surprises. The expertise, availability, and the sensible based pricing you bring to the table is testament as to why four years later you are still our Management company.

Of special note I wish to call out the professionalism of Michael-Ann whom is assigned to us. Her timely responses to inquiries and willingness to go the extra mile to help with any and all issues of our community is without parallel. Of note she identified trees that were about to interfere with the electrical/cable wires and did the research to find us a suitable match for an Arborist to address such, and then repeated the same with dead trees in a Greenbelt it turns out we were responsible for. In both cases no one on the board knew that was our responsibility and thus she saved us thousands in possible claims (and most importantly avoided the possibility of property damage and/or someone being hurt). Those are but just two examples of the awesome Management she has provided us over the years.


Mark Kopmann


Alderwood Ridge COA

"Jennifer, Thank you very much for the Management Report for the annual meeting.  This is the best one I have seen in 5 years of the HOA (monthly or annual meeting).  Information and summary was very good and the layout is easy to look at. Thank you for all the work this past year, Conrad has come a long way to earn our trust and that is part of the reason I feel good about stepping away – I kind of feel like the HOA can run itself now.  That is largely because of you all."

Mike Dulas
Prior Board Member - Woodridge at North Creek Condominium Association

"I would like to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you over the past two years as the Association Manager for Tanager at Totem Lake in my role as Secretary of the Tanager HOA. This letter is written by me, but I am sure it represents the feelings of the entire Board.
During this time period, I have found you to be extremely diligent, cost conscious, personable, attentive and responsive. I have had the opportunity to observe you and Conrad Properties approach to a variety of situations as well as interact with other vendors on solutions to problems. You take on the responsibility, ask for our preferred outcome and run with the problems until they are resolved. You are good at listening, which is a great quality and helps to communicate with others, including owners, consultants and vendors. The Board has not heard a lot of complains from our owner base, which is an indication that you and the staff at Conrad Properties is likely doing a very good job at providing a quick response to phone calls and emails from the owners.
Examples of your skills have been the vetting of additional vendors, including plumbing repairs, which have saved our association money. Additionally you have been very involved with our auditors in getting them all the necessary documents as well with your internal accounting system to present the financial statements in such a way that they are easy to read and understand. A testament to your management abilities is the fact that we have not had to raise dues for 2 years and we have had enough savings to contribute to unfunded reserves from previous years while under different management. Additionally our accounts receivables have significantly decreased and our cost for collections have also gone down.
I have found you to be a person of excellent character and integrity and I hope you have continuous success with Conrad Properties Inc. as the company grows through excellent management."

Walter W. Braun
Secretary of the Tanager at Totem Lake Condominium Homeowners Association

spacer"Hello Ken and Jennifer,

I want to acknowledge the quality of service we are receiving from Michael-Ann.

As an owner at Blue Heron condominium, I knew Michael-Ann to be helpful and courteous. Condominium managers are not always that way - it was a relief to have her managing this property.

I recently joined the Board of the Blue Heron Owners Association as President and, in this new role, have been interacting with Michael-Ann much more than before. She continues to live up to the standard of customer service that she established with me as an owner.

Indeed, I’ve found that Michael-Ann goes “beyond the call” in working with the Board. I’ll share one example with you.

The Blue Heron insurance policy recently was coming close to the end of its term. Michael-Annalerted us that the policy would renew without a rate increase. I passed this information along to the Board and we were prepared to move ahead with the same underwriter and coverage.

Without being asked to research other options, Michael-Ann had also gone out to market to see if she could find better coverage for the Association. Shedid. Michael-Ann found another broker who offered what appears to be a better (more comprehensive) package of coverage, at a lower price.

Had it not been for Michael-Ann taking the initiative, we likely would have just continued with the status quo “inferior” coverage.

To summarize - Michael–Ann is doing good work and representing Conrad well. Thank you for putting her on our team.

Dan" - Blue Heron Condominiums

Just wanted to personally thank you for all you've done for Kayleen.  When I purchased 5 years ago, I  was having some serious buyer's remorse considering the state of the association.  I begrudgingly took on the role as president.  From the start you were helpful in light of our dire financial situation and continually went over and above to offer advice and extra mile service and expertise that allowed us to get back on our feet and eventually achieve the resolution of deferred maintenance issues that I honestly thought we would never complete.  I feel that our financial position today and all we achieved as a team is in large part due to you and your efforts. In short, we couldn't have done this without you.  I think all owners and board members would agree wholeheartedly. 
Conrad, I'm sure, is aware of the caliber of professional and individual they have in you.
I'm looking forward to working with the board in a lesser capacity and I think Tim will do well in his role, especially with your help and guidance. 
Once again thanks, it truly was a pleasure to work with you.
Kayleen Condominiums 



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